About Me

     My name is Ismael, and I am currently a senior at Segerstrom High School in Santa Ana, California. I am a very social person and actively enjoy helping others around me. For example, I am a member of the group Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, and I enjoy cleaning debris from Upper Newport Bay. I have recently developed a fondness for the performing arts, and am part of the drama production program at my school. While I always manage to make time for friends and family, most of my time is consumed by my busy academic schedule.
     As a student, I am very determined and focused. With ASB, AP classes, and Drama Production in the mix of my average school day, I spend more time at school than I would like to admit. Overall, my favorite subject tends to be English because unlike math or science, there is usually more than just one correct answer. I enjoy interpreting symbols in literature and conveying my ideas and thoughts through writing. I consider myself to be a visual learner, because without having a picture painted in my mind, I usually find myself either lost or confused. As I complete the final year of my high school career and the day of graduation looms in the near future, I expect to have lots of memorable experiences, one of them being a part of Mrs. Kirch's flipped classroom. I invite you to join me as I make my way through the year and learn about the various concepts of Math Analysis!

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