Sunday, September 29, 2013

SV#1: Unit F Concept 10: How to Find All Real & Complex Zeroes FromPolynomials of 4th or 5th Degree

     This problem is about how to find all zeroes (both real and complex) when given a polynomial of the 4th or 5th degree. In this problem, one must find the p's and the q's of the polynomial and and then utilize Descartes Rule of Signs. Afterwards, synthetic division is applied to determine any or all real zeroes, and to reduce the polynomial to a quadratic. In order to find the complex zeroes, one can either factor or plug in the values of the quadratic into the Quadratic Formula.

     In order to understand how to solve such a problem, the viewer needs to pay attention to the steps taken to find all of the possible real zeroes. This is important because it enables them to narrow down from literally an infinite amount of possibilities. Another thing the viewer needs to pay attention to is how to rewrite the complex zeroes after using the Quadratic Formula.

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