Monday, March 17, 2014

BQ #1: Unit P Concepts 2, 4 & 5: Law of Sines (SSA) & Area Formulas

2. Law of Sines 


Why is SSA ambiguous? Accurately draw the triangles that would be associated with one of these problems (pick any from the SSS or PQ). Connect your answer to your knowledge of Unit Circle trig function values.
SSA is ambiguous because we are only given one of the three angles as opposed to two in ASA or AAS. Because of this, there is the chance that we may get an answer of one, two, or no possible triangles.

5. Area Formulas

 Show that our “traditional” area formula of A=1/2bh, the area of an oblique triangle, and Heron’s area formula will result in the same values. Draw and label a right triangle with angles of 35* and 65*. Have the base be 4 units. Find all the remaining pieces using your knowledge of this chapter and then find the area using all three area formulas.

Our "traditional" area formula, the area of an oblique triangle, and Heron's area formula will all result in the same value for the area of a triangle.

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