Thursday, March 20, 2014

I/D#3: Unit Q Concept 1: Using Fundamental Identites to Simplify & Verify Expressions

Inquiry Activity Summary

"sin²x+cos²x=1" comes from the identity (proven factor or formula) of the Pythagorean Theorem. The theorem, when involving the trig ratios of the Unit Circle, is written in the form of "x²+y²=r²". In order to get the set of values to equal "1", we must divide the entire equation by "r²". As a result, we are left with two ratios, "x/r" (cosine), and "y/r" (sine).

Inquiry Activity Reflection

The connections that I see between Units N, O, P, and Q so far are the use of angels in degrees and the use of geometric properties. Likewise, I have noticed that all of the units make use of the six central trigonometric ratios.

If I had to describe trigonometry in THREE words, they would be: patterns, formulas, and memorization.

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